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November 14, 20210

There are still Lawyers who do not embrace the concept of remote working and hiring virtual paralegals. They are just used to the traditional way of working and comfortable with in-office people. Sometimes, they do not even need a full-time employee, but they do not know any other way. However, whether we like it or not, modern technology has significantly affected the practice of law. The Covid-19 pandemic also acted as a catalyst to give remote working a boost.

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As attorneys are specialised in their fields, so are the paralegals. This premise holds for both in-house and virtual paralegals. Virtual paralegals are and will be in high demand going forward because they offer great assistance at a reduced rate. Lawyers should realise this fact and embrace it to stand out in the competitive legal market.

If you are holding yourself back to hire a virtual paralegal, read below to dispel the misconceptions.

Most Common Concerns About Working with a Virtual Paralegal

For instance, you are a solo attorney wanting to grow your practice but can’t due to the caseload burden and other operational work. You don’t even have the budget to hire someone full-time. You want that extra help, but you are not sure about outsourcing the work to virtual paralegal services.

Here are some common misconceptions addressed by Immigration Paralegal Services to provide you with a clear picture of working with virtual paralegals.

1. Virtual Paralegals work for General Public and take Business Away from Law Firms

There are some independent paralegals in the legal marketplace who work directly for the public. However, Virtual Paralegals from IPS (Immigration Paralegal Services) work only for authorised law practitioners. We make sure the paralegals do not engage in any type of unauthorised practice of law. All the work they do is under the direct supervision of an attorney. They are under contractual obligations, and they take work ethic very seriously.

2. Virtual Paralegals are Expensive and will Reduce Profitability

This is the most common myth attorneys have. They think hiring a virtual paralegal will cost them tons and cut down their profits. But, lawyers pay virtual paralegals only for the time they require their services. IPS offers flexible hiring models wherein lawyers can outsource paralegal services on an hourly, weekly, or per-project basis. Small law firms can save money on office furniture, equipment, compensation, health insurance, taxes and many other expenses of hiring full-time employees.

3. Virtual Paralegals are Seeking Full-time Positions in Law Firms

Virtual paralegals are independent contractors and not seeking any full-time positions. They choose to become virtual paralegals to render freelance services to attorneys in need; they are not temporary employees who are searching for full-time employment.

4. Virtual Paralegals do not Work as Hard as In-house Paralegals

Since the virtual paralegals are paid and retained based on their performance, they put in their heart and sweat to their work. Proficient Virtual paralegals have the right tools to do all the tasks assigned to them within the timeline. They do have years of experience assisting lawyers and requires minimum training.

5. Virtual Paralegals are Difficult to Communicate With

Since virtual paralegals work remotely, lawyers believe they are difficult to establish communication with. However, if clear communication channels are set before entering into a lawyer-paralegal partnership, the interaction becomes easy. During the Covid period, we experienced that remote working is possible, and business communication can be managed through different channels like calls, emails, slack, etc.

How Are These Myths Not True?

To be competitive in the legal market, lawyers are realising the importance of choosing cost-effective solutions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an 8 percent growth in the demand for paralegals through 2024. Lawyers are recognising this trend and hiring virtual paralegals whenever they need help. Here are 3 ways in which Virtual Paralegals can outperform full-time employees.

1. Less Distractions

Virtual Paralegals are less prone to constant distractions like in-office workers; they are more efficient in their work. With virtual paralegals, Lawyers need not worry about any grapevine communication or gossip or office politics. That result in higher productivity. When you are working with employees in the office, you can just pop into the workspace and ask questions. Well, if you establish a proper communication channel, Virtual Paralegals are just a message away! All you require is to be more strategic and mindful in your communications.

2. Uninterrupted Support

Absenteeism is the most common issue Lawyers face today. When someone is sick or needs vacation time, the work is left unattended, or the lawyer has to stretch out. However, the team of remote paralegals can maintain all this around their work schedule offering greater productivity and no lags. Typical offices require the work to be done in a 9-5 schedule. However, when virtual paralegals have the flexibility with their schedules, they turn out to be happier and more dedicated team members.

3. Increased Productivity

About 60% of the employees are more productive while working remotely. Having a flexible schedule and not being micromanaged by the firms, virtual paralegals significantly boost productivity. The below graph also suggests that employees enjoy working remotely.

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The virtual paralegal teams at IPS are highly qualified, experienced, and trained to take up all the paralegal tasks and complete them in quick turnaround times. You need not spend more time or money training them. Additionally, by eliminating unnecessary commuting and other timewasters, the paralegals can be more productive for Law firms.

Are You Ready to Hire Virtual Paralegal?

By deciding to work with virtual paralegals, lawyers now have the option of working with specialised paralegals who are highly proficient in different areas of law.  The geographical boundaries are no longer a hindrance.

We hope this article cleared all the misconceptions you had about working with a virtual paralegal. If you still have questions or want to explore the possibility of having remote paralegals in your legal business, reach out to Immigration Paralegal Services for a Free Consultation.

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