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We provide Virtual Immigration Paralegal Employment Service.

Immigration Paralegal Services


Immigration Paralegal Services provides Virtual Paralegal Support to Law Firms of all sizes throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. We are an excellent partner of choice for law firms seeking to hire a virtual paralegal team to optimise operations and boost business growth. We accomplish this by tailoring our services according to your paralegal needs.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience working in the UK Immigration industry. All of them are with at least graduate-level education and are trained in assisting immigration lawyers. Our Senior paralegals also include ex-lawyers or authorised law practitioners. If you are looking for a helping hand managing your law firm operations, we can provide the solution!

Virtual Immigration Paralegals


At Immigration Paralegal Services, we take pride in providing experienced paralegals that align with the needs of your firm. When you trust us with your paralegal requirements, you get a team of senior-level, experienced paralegals ready to assist you in managing your caseload. They can help you with a variety of immigration cases, appeals, legal research, and more, so you get time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Our virtual paralegal immigration services are integrated seamlessly with your existing office procedures and quick turnaround times help your office run efficiently. We can manage the whole paralegal department or work as an extension of your current in-house team and meet tight deadlines.


International House,
64 Nile St, London N1 7SR
Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm

THE SOLE PURPOSETo Help Striving Law Firm Grow!

The sole purpose of Immigration Paralegal Services is to boost your business growth by optimising operations and reducing overheads. Hiring a full-time employee not only costs more in salary but also with the business expense. Our team of virtual paralegals is perfect for any law firm that needs a helping hand managing the busy caseload. They perform their duties like an in-house paralegal from a remote location, using their own office space, equipment and supplies. Additionally, our agile hiring models provide flexibility and facilitate exceptional growth for your law firm.


By using Immigration Paralegal services, you engage with a top-notch support team focused on delivering quality solutions from remote locations. Hiring a virtual paralegal will help you reduce the expenses of recruiting, hiring, and managing a full-time legal assistant. They are the perfect support system for your law firm. IPS works on a client-centric approach and ensures that the clients’ instructions are followed as prescribed. Our paralegals are well-known for their experience and dedication; they go above and beyond for our clients.

Our approach is to provide you quality paralegal support in an efficient, accurate and timely manner.
We will provide a detailed cost estimate before you agree to hire our immigration paralegal services.
Our experienced team will work for you to manage busy caseloads. We deliver on our promise and celebrate our success; we are friendly and caring.
Our virtual team of paralegals are committed and determined. They reduce the burden of operational tasks for you to increase the firm’s productivity and revenue.
We always listen to your instructions and feedback, as those are vital for providing you with the best paralegal assistance.


Our culture is based on these six core values – Trust, Care, Accountability, Respect, Team Spirit, and Innovation. These are the fundamental principles that define our individual behaviours and, as a result, the way the organisation operates. We follow our core values religiously and utilise them to help us overcome any challenges we face and help us recognise and celebrate our achievements. It serves as a guide for interacting with coworkers, clients, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and the communities we serve.

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International House, 64 Nile St, London N1 7SR

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International House, 64 Nile St, London N1 7SR

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