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Small law firms and independent Immigration lawyers require specialised paralegal assistance to facilitate client communications, draft applications, gather documents, etc. When you choose Immigration Paralegal Services, you hire dedicated and experienced paralegals from our team of professionals to meet all your needs. Our paralegals have the required skills to assist your law firm in managing your caseload. Hire a dedicated immigration paralegal to scale your operations and grow your legal business more quickly and profitably.

Save Time, Money and Energy!

Whether you need help with a specific project or continued long-term assistance, Immigration Paralegal Services helps you build a virtual assistant team that reduce your operational burden. Our Virtual paralegals can handle many duties such as client intake, document gathering, cover letters and client care letter preparation, application preparation, legal research, and more.

For solo attorneys and small law firms, growing your practice using a virtual paralegal team means you have the necessary resources and time to focus on core business activities.

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Our Hiring

Get your on-demand virtual team, so you can grow your law firm fast and cost-effectively!

Full-Time Retainer

Hours Per Day

8 hrs/day

Minimum Days

30 days

Part-Time Retainer

Hours Per Day

4 hrs/day

Minimum Days

30 days

Flexible Retainer

Hours Per Day

Flexible hrs/day

Minimum Hours

45 Hours
Minimum 3 months rolling contracts. Rates are hourly.
Minimum 3 months rolling contracts. Rates are hourly.
Spend hours as and when required in 3 monhts. Rates are hourly.

WIN & WOW WITHOur Immigration Paralegals

Whether you are a solo attorney or a well-established law firm, you need a support team for your day-to-day operations. Hiring an in-house paralegal can increase your costs in terms of salaries, workers’ compensation, benefits and office overheads. Conversely, an outsourced virtual paralegal team from IPS means they work under your direct supervision and are paid only for the time you require their services. Book a free consultation session to see how it works!

Our virtual paralegals can work independently or add as an extension to your current team to provide continuous support in a wide array of immigration matters.
Apart from time, hiring a virtual paralegal saves you a lot of money as well. Embracing a virtual paralegal team can help you save on expenses like hiring, training, worker’s compensation, health insurance, office space, or payroll taxes.
In general, attorneys do not have enough time with piled-up cases, and they need to meet strict deadlines. Hiring a virtual paralegal can free up their valuable time to focus on client acquisitions and client retention.
Our dedicated paralegals have vast experience in supporting immigration practices. By hiring from IPS, you have access to the best paralegals that develop a deep understanding of your business and contribute to your law firm success.
Hiring a virtual paralegal team, you don’t have to go through the hassles of administrative chores. This enables you to widen your scope and extend your reach.
Outsourced paralegals who are trained in a specific niche of the law offer improved productivity and value. They can handle all aspects of immigration applications, leaving you enough time to expand the business.

Why Hire a Virtual Immigration Paralegal?

Because it helps you to Save Time, Money, and Energy!

A law firm’s operational efficiency depends upon the type of support team it has. Immigration law firms have a lot of tasks to handle, and this makes their work really challenging. Hiring an immigration paralegal improves efficiency and productivity while delegating routine tasks.

Either for a long-term solution or a temporary project, hiring a virtual paralegal would be an excellent move for your law firm or you as a lawyer for the numerous benefits they offer. Sign up clients, delegate your operational work to our proficient paralegals and grow your business faster.

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