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STEPES TO ENGAGEHow does it work?

Step 1

Initial Contact

When you contact us, we schedule a free consultation session to discuss your paralegal needs and how you’d like to use the service. Consultations are conducted online. The consultation provides us with an in-depth insight into your requirements, budget, and scope of work. Based on your requirement, we will offer you a hiring model that best caters to your paralegal needs along with a quote. 

Step 2

Investment With Us

Following the consultation, if you agree to hire virtual paralegals from us, we send you our Retainer Agreement along with the Terms of Business. Once you sign and pay the requisite fee, we assign you the paralegal. The paralegals that are assigned to your project are candidates who go through a rigorous screening and vetting process by us. We ensure your investment with us gives you a good ROI. 

Step 3

Working For You

We completely understand how stressful the overwhelmingly complex nature of the immigration rules can be. To ease out things for you, the hired immigration paralegals take over all the operational aspects of your caseload. They perform all the functions ranging from drafting documents, filing forms with government authorities, gathering documents, from a remote location. They can assist you in the preparation of a complete immigration application and also help with any last-minute work.

Step 4

Keeping You Informed

When you assign a task to the hired paralegals, we keep you in complete control of your workflow. We provide regular updates to you and track any important dates, deadlines. We also arrange virtual feedback meetings to review their work at regular intervals. 

Step 5

Your Success Is Our Success

We believe strongly that our stakeholders should be treated fairly. At Immigration Paralegal Services, our clients are our top priority. We strive to build mutually successful relationships by listening to our clients and providing them with top-notch services. Let our virtual immigration paralegals help you grow your law firm.

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