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Build a Virtual Team of Paralegal and grow your law firm.

In any Immigration law firm, a paralegal’s time is spent on substantive legal assistance work. However, you might not require all that help around the year, or you might not want to have an in-house paralegal because of higher overheads. Immigration paralegal Services gives you access to a virtual paralegal when you need an extra hand at a competitive rate, hence reducing your costs and increasing your profits!

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Hire Virtual Immigration Paralegals

Ease Your Operational Burden!

Are you ready to improve productivity and efficiency at your firm?

Whether you need help with preparing client care letters, cover letters, immigration applications, gathering documents, or legal research, IPS (Immigration Paralegal Services) has got you covered. We provide comprehensive virtual immigration paralegal services to smoothen the workflow of law firms and assist legal service delivery. IPS offers you affordable freelance immigration paralegal services giving you a competitive edge to stand out in the legal industry.

In this competitive legal market – Time is money. So, if you are busy doing day-to-day administrative or case preparation work, you are losing out on the extra

income you can earn by focusing on other important aspects of your law firm business. If you’re searching for immigration paralegal services, reach out to IPS to reduce your operational burden and grow your Law firm.

Law Firms Are Building Virtual Team

It’s Time For A Change!

A lot of law firms are already outsourcing paralegal services by hiring virtual paralegals based at remote destinations. This business decision allows them to focus on core activities and reap a plethora of benefits. Apart from decreasing your operational costs, virtual paralegals help them to grow their practice and generate more revenue. Virtual Paralegals are efficient professionals and have years of experience working in the legal industry.


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How Hiring A Virtual Immigration Paralegal Can Help Grow The Law Firm?

Hiring virtual paralegals help you grow your law firm in different facets. They ensure that you are not bogged down by paperwork, deadlines and have enough time to focus on core elements of your law firm, such as retaining clients, generating leads, and growing your practice.

Additionally, with the extra hand that a virtual paralegal provides, you can induce more revenue as you would be able to serve more clients. You would get more time to expand your practice to other areas, bring in more clients, and take on more cases.

How Can I Save Money By Hiring Virtual Immigration Paralegal?

Hiring a virtual team is an affordable way to get experienced paralegals onboard without paying considerably high for an in-house employee. In addition, you have the flexibility to work with them only when the need arises, so you’re not paying for non-productive hours or the overhead while managing in-house staff.

Hiring a virtual paralegal can save you at least 5-10 extra hours each week. If your billable rate is £100/hr and you’re spending 5 hours a week doing unnecessary administrative chores, you lose about £500 a week. At the same time, if you hire a virtual paralegal, you spend around £12/hr for someone else to do those tasks for you. This means you’re paying £60 a week.

Freeing up that for yourself, you can make an extra £440 a week using your time helping clients. If we do a detailed calculation, you have the potential to increase the profit by £22,880 a year in addition to your existing income. So why miss this opportunity to cut costs and increase revenue?

How Hiring Virtual Immigration Paralegal Will Help Me To Save Time And Reduce Stress?

With virtual paralegals from Immigration Paralegal Services, you don’t have to worry about preparing cases yourself. Instead, someone else is preparing them for you. You get someone proficient at gathering required documents, preparing client care letters, cover letters, applications, legal research, and much more at a nominal cost. This will free up your time.

The virtual team of paralegals manages all behind-the-scenes tasks so that you can concentrate on important areas. When you delegate the tasks, you can feel relaxed about strict deadlines and pending caseload. Fewer disruptions at the workplace would also mean a stress-free environment and better productivity.

How Immigration Paralegal Services Ensures Confidentiality?

It is the assurance of confidentiality that fosters any business-client relationship. We, at Immigration Paralegal Services, ensure that your satisfaction, privacy, and peace of mind are given the highest regard. Therefore, we do not store any sensitive information on our servers on completing a job unless specifically instructed to do so.

We have a strict confidentiality policy and refrain from engaging in any conduct that offends the dignity and decorum of your company. The paralegals discuss sensitive information in a private setting and ensure that only authorised personnel are within earshot. Moreover, we never contact your clients without your permission. When asked to do so, the paralegals represent your firm with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Why Are Lawyers Hiring Virtual Paralegal More Than Before?

A virtual paralegal team is an affordable and efficient alternative to hiring and managing a full-time staff. The freelance culture is increasing, and it is revolutionising the legal industry by streamlining the delivery of legal services; it offers newer methodical staffing models to law firms. Lawyers are more inclined towards the hourly and weekly hiring models as it offers them greater flexibility at reduced costs.

Hiring full-time staff is not only time consuming but also requires a lot of money. Apart from spending on advertisements looking for paralegals, hiring them, training them, and retaining them, each stage is costly.

Many solo and small law firms hire virtual immigration paralegals because it saves them time and money and gets the work done efficiently. Since the virtual paralegals at IPS are already trained and experienced, you can kickstart your business operations just by giving instructions.

How Communication Plays A Bigger Role While Dealing With Virtual Immigration Paralegal?

It’s crucial to get communication right when you are working remotely with virtual paralegals because it has a massive impact on productivity. To ensure that accurate information is given to and received by all parties, clear lines of communication should be set.

You can use any form of virtual communication in the workplace, such as video conferencing, as well as email, instant messages, and the telephone. It is important to let your virtual paralegal know how you would like to be communicated and how often from the very start. You both need to agree on what form of communication will work best for both of you.

When you establish good communication with paralegals and give precise instructions, they feel empowered, and it helps the overall productivity.

Best Process To Delegate Your Work To Immigration Paralegal.

Planning, giving clear instructions, having clear expectations, and effective communication are vital to have a successful long-term relationship with your virtual paralegal. Having patience as you get started with the new arrangement is critical. Your paralegal is not going to know your every thought and start taking your workload off the first day. Take time and break down your whole delegating process in the below steps.

  • Segregate your tasks – The lawyers should take some time and start jotting down things they need help with. Then, from the list, segregate the tasks that are teachable and are time-consuming.
  • Get them Acquainted – Spend some time, in the beginning, to assign tasks and teach them. Make sure you address all the concerns upfront and monitor progress from the very start.
  • Set Expectations – Set clear expectations with your paralegals on what you are expecting to accomplish. What would you like them to do and how?
  • Set up a timeline – Set a time frame with paralegals to accomplish the tasks. At the end of each day or week, you should get an update on tasks or projects assigned. This will help you to keep an eye on progress.
  • Be Reachable – Do not let your calls or emails go unanswered with your Virtual paralegal. Have a system in place to handle questions that arise in emergencies. It is best to layout one mode of communication from the very start.

How To Avoid Blame Game With Your Virtual Paralegal Team?

Virtual work situations are more prone to conflicts which result in blame games. It is easier to blame the person who is not in front of you.

However, there are certain ways by which you can avoid this kind of situation altogether.

  • Effective Delegating – Clear distribution responsibility and setting accountability rules out any room for confusion, and hence conflicts.
  • Take responsibility – If something goes wrong because of your lack of direction, take responsibility for the mistake. See what went wrong and learn from that so that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Create expectations – The attorneys must lay out clear expectations for the project and team members at the beginning itself to avoid confusion.

Common Mistakes While Hiring Virtual Paralegal.

Hiring a paralegal, whether virtual or in-house is overwhelming in itself. While virtual paralegals are hired to assist you, they cannot think above and beyond your instructions. Since they are not you, they might not know your every thought and predict your moves.

Here are some of the common mistakes you can avoid while hiring a virtual paralegal.

  • Desperate Hiring – Some attorneys jump into hiring a virtual paralegal without even assessing their needs. A lot of aspects like requirements, budget, time, etc., need to be taken into account before outsourcing the work to virtual paralegals.
  • Unclear structure of roles and responsibilities – Not taking enough time to decide what your paralegal would do will certainly cause difficulties getting started and making it work. Take enough time to decide and jot down what to do on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Ineffective Communication – As already discussed above, communication plays a crucial part in dealing with your virtual team. Have effective communication with your paralegal to boost productivity.
  • Hiring just for the Skills – While skills are of utmost importance while hiring a paralegal, personality, desire, and determination also contribute equally. Make sure the person you are in business with shares the same attitude and can be trusted.
  • Not Asking Questions – While most attorneys guide paralegals and give instructions, they do not ask enough questions. If a certain project takes longer than expected, asking the right questions can help you understand the problem.

When Should You Consider Hiring Virtual Immigration Paralegal?

Virtual Paralegals are becoming indispensable to law firms. However, if you still aren’t quite sure when to hire a virtual immigration paralegal, below are some tell-tale signs for you.

  • No Follow-ups – If you’re good at attracting clients but aren’t able to be in touch with them, you’re missing opportunities.
  • Not responding to Emails – If you find your inbox is flooded and you’re burying important messages, it’s probably time to hire a virtual paralegal to help sort through the clutter.
  • Missing Appointments – Busy attorneys sometimes forget important occasions such as lunch with a client or a phone call with prospective clients. Hiring a virtual paralegal can keep your schedule in order and handle other tasks effectively.
  • Spending more time on Petty Tasks – If you are spending too much time on clerical tasks which can be managed by someone other than a lawyer, you are not using your time effectively. It is time you should think about hiring virtual paralegals.
  • Research – Research is a key factor in staying ahead of the competition, but spending a lot of time on that isn’t justified. You can hire a virtual paralegal and save time to formulate strategies and stand out in the competitive legal market.

Frequently Asked Questions on Immigration Paralegal services

What Should A Law Firm Website Contain?

With the popularity of online platforms, it becomes almost mandatory for law firms to create a website, but what does a law firm website contain? Apart from the standard requirement, here are few suggestions:

  • Easy to find the contact button
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Jargon-free content
  • Testimonial
  • Practice areas
  • Attorney profile
  • Blog page
How Much Time Does It Take To Build A Good Law Firm Website?

The development of the website depends on the requirements of the client. For example, small website development takes approximately 3-4 weeks; whereas, a more extensive website needs six months.

What Are Common Reasons For Delaying The Launching Of A New Website?

Strategising, designing, developing, and launching websites are four different phases of creating a website. Designing, development, and launching are manageable, but when it comes to strategising the website, businesses get stuck, leading to a delay. The most common reasons are:

  • The website structure is not clear. As a result, there would be a delay in approving the website design.
  • Ad-hoc planning is another reason for delay because businesses fail to plan the execution and then keep on reworking content and requirements.
  • Fail to supervise and review the development of the website regularly, and when the launching day arrives, they see plenty of problems within the website.
How Much Would It Cost For A Law Firm Website?

A small-sized law firm website can practically cost approximately £2400 – £3000, whereas a big website for a multidisciplinary law firm can cost £12,000 – £60,000 or more, subject to the resources utilised on the project.

When Should I Revamp Or Update The Existing Website?

Updating a website is needed regularly; the blogs and content of the website require editing as per the latest search engine norms. For example, you need to update the latest keywords, adding a new section, or updating the call to action details. And when it comes to revamping your website, it can be done when you see a higher bounce rate, some problems with your website design, security issues, very high page load time.

The benefits of revamping or updating the website are:

  • More traffic on your website
  • Easy conversion of lead
  • User-friendliness
  • Responsiveness
  • Increase in brand value
Who Owns The Content On My Website?

You need engaging and good quality content for your website. You own the content if you produce the content for your law firm website. However, when someone else creates the content, they own the rights. You can ask to transfer the copyrights when you hire professional content writers for a fee. If you are using third-party images, videos, etc on your website, you must buy the rights before the use to avoid copyright infringement.

Are Your Images Slowing Down Your Website?

It seems very clear that you need high-quality images on your website, but the other fact is that if the size of the images is big, they are eventually going to slow down your website speed.


As per Google, it is important to focus on the website’s speed, but it is also essential to keep your website creative and engaging. So to fulfil all these requirements, it’s crucial to keep the images small in size but without hampering the quality.


This will save your website from the loading time issue and will make it look attractive as well.


What Kind Of Lead Magnets Can I Have On My Website?

Currently, generating leads from the website is a challenging task because today’s visitors can mute everything and, in no time, can switch from one website to another.


Perhaps the most innovative way to generate leads is by offering your visitors something in exchange for engagement. As a law firm, the lead magnets can be a free download of guides, access to recorded webinars and podcasts regarding the services you offer, or free consultations.


What Are The Compliance Issues For Law Firm Websites? (Policies, SRA Compliance, Company Information, Etc.)

Every website must obey current legislation. It is your responsibility that your law firm complies with the requirements. Some of the critical legal requirements are:

  • Company name
  • The registration number of the company
  • Registration places, like England and Wales
  • Complete address of Registered office
  • Your VAT number is required (if you have it) even if you are not adding any payment transaction mode to your website.
  • Registration with Regulatory body.
  • User’s right to grant consent for the utilisation of the data provided by them.
  • Company’s policy and terms
  • Comply with electronic commerce regulation, consumer rights act., online and distance selling requirements.
  • Cybersecurity
  • Protection of personal data
  • Copyright of all the Content and information provided on the website.
Why Should Law Firm Websites Have Blogs?

Don’t underestimate the power of a blog. It helps in engaging visitors to your website. They read the blogs and relate them to situations where they need an attorney or help from a law firm.


It is even the best way to showcase your rewards and recognitions more extensively so that the visitors can build trust regarding the services you are offering.


Better the quality content on your website, better chances of your website be on the first page of the search engine.

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